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How We Help: Services


Quality Guaranteed

Are you looking for high quality home care? At Home Care by Doctors, we offer residents all throughout Saskatchewan a variety of home care services to suit their health related needs. Our services are created with one goal in mind: To maintain the highest quality of life at home.
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We understand the devastating impact Alzheimer's and Dementia can have on the lives of individuals and their families. We provide caring and sensitive domiciliary care support to help people learn to live with Alzheimer's and Dementia.


We don't believe in a 'one size fits all' solution. We offer a wide range of one-to-one services tailored to meet individual needs. Whether you need an hour home visit or 24 hours of care, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we can provide you with a personalized service that fits into your life, and not the other way around. Our personal care services include:
Supporting clients getting up and going to bed
Assistance with washing, dressing and grooming
Sitting and sleep-in services
Support with medication
Help with incontinence care

Cheerful Seniors


Companionship is as equally important as other facets of in-home care. More often than not, companionship is about creating an inspiring environment that will jump start the motivation to take part in everyday activities. A little talk or a simple group activity, such as dining, can be incredibly beneficial. Each client’s care is personalized and may include a variety of activities such as:
Conversation and discussion of current and past events
Meal research, planning, and preparation
Accompanying walks
Accompanying to lunch or dinner in a restaurant
Outdoor activities like gardening and picnics
Creative activities like hobbies and interests
And more.


We believe that individuals should have the right to choose where they wish to spend the last days of their lives. For many people, this will be in their own home, in familiar surroundings, with the people they know and love. Respectful Care provides essential domiciliary support and care to enable you and your family to make this choice.



We believe that individuals should have the right to choose where they It’s easy to get arrange the break you need with Respectful Care. All you need to do is brief us on the details of the normal care regime you follow for the person you care for. You can even request one of our Support and Care Workers to work alongside you for a day to introduce them to your loved one, show them where everything is and allow them to watch how you provide the care your relative or friend needs. During your respite break we will then visit as scheduled, or stay in your home to provide live-in care as planned and replicate the care that you provide every day.


Our special needs care is focused on meeting the needs of individuals with a condition or circumstance that interferes with normal activities of daily living, all while optimizing their independence and quality of life.


Interested in learning more about all the services we provide? Contact us today and see how we can help you or your loved ones!

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